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Ring that Bell

I'm interviewing Jeff Bell, a "nationally recognized author, speaker, and radio news anchor" on Nov. 27th! He's the author of Rewind Replay Repeat: A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and When In Doubt, Make Belief. Both books were life changing to me in my 20's.

If Jeff agrees to the Zoom talk being recorded, I will share the video in my blog. If not, I will simply quote highlights of his wise words! I'm looking forward to hear his thoughts on how Greater Good decision making has helped steer him in a healthy direction.

Lovin' Cure, my new Hiccups single, is out (!) so make sure to listen to it here on my website, or on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube! "Though rising means diving through the daze, it's amazing to climb!" is Shiloh's line before the second chorus that hints at how scary and dangerous it feels to face uncertainty when dealing with OCD in a relationship.

Notice that the flowers somewhat cryptically read, "Lovin'", sprouting from ribbon that clearly spells out, "Cure". I pulled this off with the help of fake flowers, cement, some artsy figurines, sea-glass, and a sprinkle of AI to make the letters appear to be made of fabric.

Sweet Janine was put on a playlist called Dreamy Paradise today! Thank you Music Nerd! And Groover for making the placement possible. The song was also featured in the third edition of What's New by Indiefferential Magazine. And Rock and Birra Radio was also kind enough to share it along with my bio, translated to Spanish. How cool. I'm slowly but surely rising up the ladder!

Hopefully this doesn't mean diving through the daze!

My saving bell that I often ring is the guiding resonance of non-biased, uncertainty-rich RPM's. IT IS WHAT IT IS, is an example, which is hated by some for its seemingly unhelpful neutrality. I love it. It works. OCD's greatest enemy is acceptance. Another example, which I wrote for my own personal growth is, "Resistance today is peace tomorrow." By resistance I mean resisting the avoidance of the severely feared thoughts. Resist giving into the devil on your shoulder's compulsion demands and instead, do your best to confidently eye your OCDemons and show them you can stand their searing presence. "Stare them down before they steer you down." That's another RPM that has helped me immensely. There are many. Stick with me to learn more. Thanks NOCD for supplying me a handful of them, and sending me in the right direction to write my own.

Again, if you have any thoughts or questions about OCD, please write your comments here and I'll address them in the next blog! Thank you. Good luck out there. You can't cure OCD but you can get awfully close.

Don't give up.

Scare those hiccups away.


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