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Stoddard Blackall's music is a "mind massage", coined by none other than John Mayer in 2009 when the legend visited Berklee College of Music and worked with a select group of songwriters, Stoddard being one of them*.  "Refresh" was recorded at that time when surrounded by worlds of talent and endless recourses.  Now, living in NYC for 13 years, Stoddard is working on new, exciting music.  While you patiently wait for the rest of "Hiccups", his semi-autobiographical musical on Relationship OCD to be released, along with his children's music business's stunning album, "Sunny Songsters", enjoy "Refresh", the "Stoddy Abroad" albums Stoddard recorded on the fly while visiting his lovely girlfriend, Caitlin Murphy, in London, and hits by his retrosexual rock & roll band, AOFine, with James Manzello,


*To be specific, "Dream with Me" from "Refresh" was the song that was awarded the title, mind massage


a musical on ROCD

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