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Sunny Disposition

Lately I've been a little more triggered. I have to admit, I have been a little less active with my daily exposure therapies, because it feels like life creates them naturally. The thing is, I'm doing them less frequently, but in a bigger way. I won't go into details there, for the privacy of my own treatment, but it's tough to face OCD fears. I should make sure to keep up with smaller, more frequent practices like I was. Guess I was getting a little cocky with my well-being.

Life's been going great, for the most part. I'm checking all the to-do boxes and barreling along real well. I do feel I had a relapse the other day when I focused in on something important to me and made it the center of my world, then in turn let it dictate my feelings around more important things.

"Sunny with a Chance of Bubbles" is out on the shelves, a song released by the "Sunny Songsters", my Children's Music Business. Find it on Spotify, Apple Music and my music page on here!

After this song, we're releasing a very special one that I'm super excited about. I feel that it's the Holy Grail of Sunny's catalogue of songs. Kids always react extremely well to it in our classes and parties. I'll share more info soon!!! Just know you'll be DANCIN' DISCO to it while you explore the city limits.

*Album artwork by Adam Demerath

Bottom line folks is this: when life is sunny, there's always a chance for bubbles. Bubbles can either be seen as magic little gifts from life, complimenting the sunniness of existence, or as little Hiccups in your vision, little pockets of fog that distort your view for moments at a time. However you like to see it, uncertainty is everywhere. And that's part of life's charm. Take a listen today. It's a kids song. I'm making it way too deep. Play it at birthday parties while you blow bubbles and feel good. That's this song's true purpose. ENJOY.


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