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Hiccuping Mind, ep. 2 - Kristin Varela - Hiccups


I'm proud of this one. Episode delivered, as promised. This time, instead of dropping it on the 1st of the month, Groundhog Day felt more fitting: the most OCD day of the year. A day that could potentially keep repeating if it ever takes after Rob Reiner's legendary sci-fi romantic comedy. Cause that's what we OCD-ians do. We repeat our compulsions to eradicate our obsessions, only to watch them multiply exponentially, every passing day.

We talk about the title track of Hiccups, the musical, in this episode. "Hiccups", the single. Kristin, a stay-at-home mom, sheds light on her experience in learning she has OCD late in life, and how recovery from it has benefited her life. Due to there being so much to unpack here, this episode is slightly longer than the last, but I'm not mad about it. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and revealed too many good gems to count.

Under the umbrella of OCD, we touch on safety obsessions, harm obsessions and the fear of flying. If you have OCD, I hope you find some kind of solidarity in these episodes and your aching heart is comforted, even if just a little. Or, if you love someone with OCD, I hope by watching this, your eyes are opened even more to the terrors of this disorder and how real, and really crazy-threatening*, it is to so many lives. Please continue to find empathy for OCD sufferers in your life, and encourage them to seek help as soon as possible.

*Victims of OCD's wrath are not crazy. But they sure feel like it sometimes. Give your struggling friend a hug next time you see them. They could use it. And if you're the one who needs the help --

or even just a hug -- don't be afraid to ask.

Watch part 2 in a week from now!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Make sure to listen to my new Hiccups single! It will be streamable under "Hiccups Musical" ANY DAY NOW. For now, listen to it here on my music page!

(Episode 3 will be here on April 1st)


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