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Hiccuping Mind, ep. 1, part 2 - Jeff Bell - Slanted

Hello again! Now are you getting the idea? Every other month, you'll get a Hiccuping Mind video post, hopefully of this wonderful nature (because I mean, come ON, Jeff is WISE, while also so unashamedly human!), and then if there is a second part (like in this case), you'll be able to watch that a week later. I am STILL star struck! But I'm now on the hunt for my next guest. I have a person in mind but I need more than that. I need a list.

I've decided to broaden my horizons a bit. I did reach out to Howie Mandel (via his website) and straight up invited him to be a guest, but I'm not putting any of my eggs in that basket, ha. Ok, maybe a shaving of a shell. That's pretty much all. Celebrities are nice, and I feel spoiled with having Bell so graciously kick off the series. But I'm going to look closer, more in my orbit. And I originally had narrowed my sights to artists, but that will be too tough. That's also not as interesting as having people with a wide array of backgrounds. Because who isn't intrigued in hearing about all the dastarrdly shapes OCD takes, depending on the brain it attaches its tentacales to? That was a direct allusion to Octi, Bell's demon dæmon that his OCD has historically seduced him to feed -- DOUBT-NUTS.

My mind monster is Ghost. I feed him fear.

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It's here! The second part of Hiccuping Mind, episode 2, with Jeff Bell. This video blog is on all the ugly disguises of OCD and how it has affected the lives of artists, celebrities, and anyone willing to share their story and their recovery journey. This first episode features Jeff Bell, a well-known radio personality in the San Francisco Bay Area and a "leading voice for adversity-driven advocacy." I highly recommend his books, "Rewind, Replay, Repeat" and "When In Doubt, Make Belief" if you want to begin or continue to tackle the beast that is OCD, no matter what "flavor" you have, in creative and effective ways. In every episode we fold into our banter batter, Hiccups, my musical on Relationship OCD, to give further depth to the conversation and of course, highlight songs from the show. This first episode features "Slanted", an anthem about being trapped in an OCD spiral. The song will be releasing in early 2024.




Watch episode 1:

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