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I'm in the studio (Virtue and Vice!) with Rocky again. We're working on Celebrate and Hiccups (the song). Everything's working out, aside from some slight "hiccups" in the process. Rocky is a no bs mixing engineer and the best of the best. He mixed AOFine's Bunnyland!

I'm considering asking my cyber friend from an OCD support group, whom I have never actually met, to be my next guest on Hiccuping Mind. He's a dog trainer! And I believe he also has ROCD. What an interesting profession, dog training. I love it and respect that line of work, and dogs are everything to me. I'm curious what kind of insights would come from having to constantly tame animals of all shapes and sizes that come from different backgrounds, some tied to trauma. Also, dogs have a way of soothing our minds and giving us comfort in times of intense stress. They are intuitive without even knowing it. Let's hope he says yes!

More soon! Thanks for reading.


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