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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

This is James Manzello, my buddy and bandmate. We have a band called AOFine. Check us out on Spotify or right here on my website's music page. He is also the Coincidance man, the Handsome Dancer. You might know him from the "wow, you can really dance!" TikTok craze. That's James. He's the viral creator behind it all.

We are going away to my home (it's really my Dad's place) in Maine for 2 weeks in November. I have a home studio there. We'll see what we create together! 2 week sleepover. Cool!!!

Tomorrow, I have cleaners coming. For the first time. I'm nervous. I don't like people in my place, looking at all my nooks and crannies. I'm embarrassed. But it's motivating me to tidy up, myself, and then just trust professionals to do their best in 3 hours. I think cleanliness is important for mental health. To an extent. I want to get to a point where all it is, is maintenance. But I've let my place go a little too much at this point. I need an overhaul. And it's always good to learn from people who know what they're doing. A professional, who's also an outsider, much like therapists or psychiatrists, can give unbiased advice, and that can be invaluable.

I'm excited to have been given a monthly show at Spit&Vigor Tiny Baby Blackbox Theater! My upcoming dates are all Thursdays: Oct. 26 (4th Thursday of the month), Nov. 30 (5th Thursday) and Dec. 21 (3rd Thursday). I expect to use one of those -- or if not that soon, a Thursday next year -- to do a show with James. We have an act called "James and Then Also Stoddy, Too" where we go to the world of absurdity together. Imagine a mix between "Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job" and Andy Kaufman.


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