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Stoddard Blackall

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Take a gander at these impressive testimonials I've gathered through the years.  Lucky me!

John Mayer

Called                            , my ballad on Refresha "mind massage"

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Leaf Pattern Design

"This is Stoddard Blackall, a great songwriter"

*author of                                               and teacher of Lyric Writing and Poetry at Berklee College of Music

Pat Pattison*

Paul Simon


Stephen Shanaghan of
Pangea Theater, NYC

 “Thank you for creating such a high energy show. It must feel incredible to see your complete work in front of an audience. Congratulations!”

-Stephen Shanaghan, owner of Pangea (Dinner Theater in East Village of NYC) on               performance at Pangea, aug. 22, 2019

Leaf Pattern Design

“Wow, Stoddy!  I'm truly honored that you would write a song about               I love it.  You've really got some talent, my friend.” 2015

-Jeff Bell, Author on OCD, Radio personality

Jeff Bell

more to come...

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