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Lovin' Cure

There is no cure for obsessive thinking. There is only managing it. Dampening it. Understanding it. But for Shiloh and Liza, my characters in Hiccups, love, at first, feels like a definite fix to the downward spirals of life.

Although I thought the song, "Pop, the Dress!" was going to be the next in line to be released, matching up with the literal poppiness of Sunny Songsters' "Sunny with a Chance of Bubbles", which is out now on all streaming platforms, "Lovin' Cure" felt like a better fit for the next Hiccups single released. Bear in mind, "Me Again" actually takes place at the end of the show, and "Lovin' Cure", the very beginning. Still, they compliment each other well. At the end of "Me Again", the song in which Shiloh and Liza are split up, Shiloh expresses missing Liza, but "not Jekyll and Hyde".

So, in the sense of your experience, the next single, "Lovin' Cure", essentially will flash you back to the beginning of the show (and their relationship), starting with a morning after moment, where Shiloh offers to drive Liza to work. They both fantasize that the other will be their lovin' cure of life's ills, stagnancies, and most of all, anxieties. They will be each other's muse.

I just got the song mixed at Virtue and Vice Studio Recording Studios in Brooklyn and I'm super excited about how it's sounding. "Pop, the Dress!" too! Though that one won't be released until the end of November.

Virtue and Vice, Brooklyn, "Pop the Dress!" and "Lovin' Cure" mixing session, Oct. 2nd

I feel both ultra-motivated and aimless tonight. My work makes sense to me. I have set goals in mind. But I'm growing impatient with what this blog is supposed to be about or how I can keep people's interest. How do I relate my show, Hiccups to life, or talk about anxiety in an interesting way, while not getting too personal since this is such a public platform? How can I talk about my musical when so few have heard it, and all that's available so far is one song from the END of the show?

I'm gonna stick to my guns and be consistent anyway. Because I have found, the more I hold myself accountable for reaching my goals and the more I keep barreling onward despite doubt and insecurity and straight up fear, the more the fruits of my labor gradually -- and sometimes sneakily -- appear. It'll happen that suddenly, I find a big box on my to-do list is checked, and here I am wondering how on Earth I made it happen: POP, the job is done. It's a miracle.

I'll be interviewing Jeff Bell, the OCD-author and retired radio personality this month (hopefully!) and sharing his words here, soon! And my grand plan is, at some point, to get someone like Howie Mandel to offer words of encouragement and wisdom for OCD sufferers, especially when pertaining to ROCD or other obscure subsets. There are so many people I could talk to about their experience, and they don't need to be well known. Hell, I'm not! And I definitely don't want this blog featuring only thoughts from my mind.


Remember to listen to "Sweet Janine", my stand-alone single coming out a week from Sunday! And this weekend, be on the lookout for the song's music video. It's really fun and artsy and features my girlfriend, Caitlin Murphy as Janine! The tune is about unrequited love, but OH WELL; Janine is infamously cruel.

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