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Hiccuping Mind, ep2., part 2 - Kristin Varela - Hiccups

Part 2 is here! Remember, this Valentine's day, that you are part 1 AND 2 of your life, and your partner (if you have one), is their own whole person, their own separate being. But it's still nice to be a big part of each other's lives!!

Kristin and I go into depth about Relationship OCD when it comes to being a parent (which I, personally, have no experience in), and the hope and shared experience that's out there, demonstrated by this very Vlog, and poets like Neil Hilborn, based in *St. Paul, Minnesota who has faced many many challenges in life, including OCD.

*So close to Stillwater, my hometown!

If you're suffering, struggling, or simply in search of solidarity, hopefully Hiccuping Mind can satisfy your itch even a little, especially on this day of love.


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