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Hiccuping Mind, ep. 3 - Alison Dotson - Ghost Hunting

Updated: Apr 5

Please welcome Alison Dotson, author, copyeditor and proof-reader extraordinaire. Unfortunately, this episode was cut short by unseen forces (technical difficulties), i.e. GHOST! While a lot of Alison's really honest and insightful words were not captured in it, this episode still stands out as an important and special take on the PURE O sub-type of the ugly disorder, OCD; I do hope you enjoy! If OCD is taking you as an April Fool today, you know better. You're in control. And sometimes that means admitting you AREN'T in control...of everything.

Wow. That was unintentional (if your browser can't see the error, that last paragraph is weirdly highlighted). But I'm gonna leave it like that (hey, imperfection is good!)! I copied the video's description from my youtube channel and was going to edit it to be original to the blog, but weirdly, it came out like this, so I'm leaving it. I tried to change the copied text (which for some reason turned out white) to black but it highlighted the text in black, instead; also, strangely the

highlight didn't reach the end, so I decided to make the rest of "everything" bold.

Beyond what is covered here -- the lost conversation after the recording stops -- we read through more of Alison's book, Being Me with Ocd: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life, dug deeper into the bad thoughts, the "taboo obsessions" that have haunted her, and how she has risen above the disorder and reclaimed her life. She even read an excerpt from some new exciting work! But unfortunately, Ghost ate it up.

Hey, sorry, but you just gotta be a little more patient before you get more excellent Alison Dotson content! I felt honored in hearing her current writings! Guess it was for my ears only (FOR NOW!!!). I'm so lucky I got to be an audience member to her brand new project! Brilliant stuff. Profound. Make sure to keep up with her work!

Hope you enjoy Hiccuping Mind, ep. 3, a solid hang where we discuss the weird and disorienting world of OCD through the lens of newly released GHOST IN ME, from my musical, HICCUPS. OUT TODAY!

HAPPY FOOL'S DAY! But I'm not fooling you here, by any means. This year, Ghost fooled me*.


Hiccuping Mind.

*Not really!!! (aside from technical difficulties and losing 3/4 of Alison's episode 🤬), Ghost (my OCD) has taken a back seat. I'm

moving in with my girlfriend today. Yes I am!! And the fact that April Fool's Day is the first day on our lease together (also the first I've ever lived with a girlfriend!!) is pretty wild; looks like today, I'm the one making a fool of Ghost. If you have OCD, try doing the same. One step at a time.

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