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Stoddard Blackall

Pianist, Singer, Composer

Stoddard Blackall is a pianist, singer & composer, with a degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music (2010), and composing accolades from the Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop (2015). Stoddard is a co-owner of Sunny Songsters Children’s Entertainers (with Trista Olivas), which recently released its first single, "Burn Bright" on all major music platforms. His album, "Refresh" (2010) is also streaming, along with "Bunnyland" (2021) by his rock and roll band, AOFine. Stoddard has performed and accompanied musical improv with the People’s Improv Theater, Magnet, and UCB, and teaches songwriting and improv to adults over 60, in a self-produced class called "Songriders", with Vintage Improv Festival. Stoddard’s original musical, Hiccups, on Relationship OCD, is currently being recorded after 8 years of workshopping. The first single from "Hiccups", called "Me Again", is now available! It's part of the Hiccups EP, titled "HICCUPS: Selections". Stoddard has produced two cabarets in Manhattan, this year and last, called "Slanted", featuring his original songs through the years, musical improv, and his show, "Hiccups". In 2022, "Slanted" had its debut at "Don't Tell Mama", in the heart of NYC. This year, "Slanted" made it to Triad Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, featuring several singers along with his trusty bassist and drummer.

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